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TE Connector is widely used for connecting terminations for generating electrical circuits. It is capable of transmitting signals, power and data. This device is eco-freindly and highly reliable.
Molex Connector is ideal for floppy drives, DVD drives, CD-ROM, disks in order to bring DC power. It is highly efficient, reliable, durable, easy to install and require low maintenance.
SAMTEC is basically an electrical device used for transmitting power or signal to different circuits. It has high mechanical strength, smooth functioning, reliability and highly efficient power blades.
Amphenol Connector is suitable for connecting personal computers to SCSI equipments or printers. It is also used for connecting Hammond organ to Leslie speaker. Our product has optimum performance and durability.
JAE Board to Board Connector is constructed for connecting electronic components and printed circuit boards on the surface of an insulating base. It is easy to install and resistant to wear & heat.
Yasaki Connector is considered to be good connector resource due to delivering excellent network service in numerous applications. It has a modular design, simple usage, reliability, strong construction etc.
JST is found in both embedded display port as well as low voltage differential signaling applications. It is made from flame-retardant components and is resistant to short circuit and wear.

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