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Alpha Wire

Yunsa Electronics is the agent of ALPHA Wire East China , relying on Yunsa Electronics' absolute domestic shipments, and has a great competitive advantage in the delivery price. Long-term stocks in Hong Kong are available in large quantities to provide quality services to various industries in China.

SF series flexible servo cable

The SF Series cable is designed for servo motor, drive and controller connection to power supplies, with a flexible TPE jacket and PVC/nylon insulation, making it ideal for use in flexing environments where continuous motion is required. These cables are UL Listed to meet NFPA 79 requirements and can therefore be used in industrial machinery applications. The cable has two constructions. A normal cable has four wires for connecting power and ground.

Xtra-Guard 26 and 28 AWG cables

The Xtra-Guard high-performance cable features top-of-the-line SR-PVC insulation for easier stripping and termination, and a PVC jacket for easy cable routing and installation. Whether you're looking for reliable signal integrity in a controlled environment, more durable cables with mechanical stability, or cables that work at extreme temperatures, you'll find Xtra-Guard cables deliver superior performance.

V series three core variable frequency drive (VFD) cable

Enhanced Design for Superior Performance V-Series Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) cables establish the standard for high performance and reliable connections. Its special XLPE insulation material has excellent corona resistance, low capacitance design makes the wiring distance longer, and has excellent low temperature characteristics. The three-core cable has a symmetrical design with a beryllium copper ground wire in the wire gap with consistent wire-to-ground capacitance and impedance.

Alpha FIT heat shrink tubing

Our FIT heat shrink tubing provides a reliable way to terminate the protection and seal or enhance mechanical strength. FIT's preferred heat shrinkable product is manufactured from high quality composites under the most stringent manufacturing control conditions, which means that FIT will always maintain excellent physical properties such as a small longitudinal shrinkage range and a wide temperature range, and When used alone or in combination with equipment manufactured by other manufacturers...

Kerrigan-Lewis Special Wire | Litz Wire | Resistance Wire

Alpha Wire's Kerrigan-Lewis specialty lines are designed and manufactured to exacting quality and performance standards. From fine copper wire and insulation expertise to a complete understanding of your most demanding application requirements, we can help you increase efficiency, reduce wire diameter and increase productivity. In addition to our competitive lead times and attractive pricing, we also offer the industry's most relaxed minimum order quantity requirements.

Alpha Wire Low Smoke Zero Halogen Communication and Control Cable

Alpha Wire's low-smoke halogen-free (LSZH) communication and control cables are stable and feature low-smoke, halogen-free insulation and jacketing. Specially designed low-smoke, halogen-free materials minimize the effects of fumes and harmful corrosive gases from combustion.

Manhattan electrical cable

Reliable, long-lasting cable is at the heart of any electrical system. Alpha Wire's Manhattan brand has more than 60 years of history and is a trusted and reliable cable. Whether you need a cable that's simple enough to maintain audio and video signal integrity in a noisy environment, you'll find the right product to ensure the right solution for your application.

Xtra-Guard Flex motor power cable

High-performance, rugged flexible cables for motor and drive applications Now use Alpha Wire flexible motor power cables to connect motors and drives to experience superior Xtra-Guard cable performance. These cables have a symmetrical design that reduces the wiring diameter between the connector and the servo motor, AC driver, and variable frequency drive (VFD), which is more conducive to wiring operation.

MTW grade wire and cable

Alpha Wire offers a range of MTW grade wires and cables that are rugged and flexible for machine tools and more. The abrasion resistant PVC insulation is very tough and prevents scratches and cuts, thus avoiding the danger of wire exposure. Our MTW-class products have a rugged construction that incorporates the consistent quality and performance of Alpha Wire products to help improve machine tool reliability and safety in demanding environments.

Xtra-Guard high performance cable

The Alpha Wire Xtra-Guard cable family is renowned for its superior quality and performance for the widest range of applications. Xtra-Guard cables are available in a full range of wire counts and shielding options, and are manufactured to multiple performance levels for cost and environmental The perfect combination with mechanical properties.

Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet Cable

Alpha Wire's new line of Xtra-Guard Industrial Ethernet cables gives you rugged connectivity for Industrial Ethernet....

XM series flexible control cable

Tough PVC cable series flexible control cables for continuous flex control applications with high quality PVC jackets and very fine strands are ideal for medium to high flex applications. The XM Series features a durable, oil-resistant construction that protects against harmful fluids and provides protection against wear. Its superior flexibility and performance support a wide range of industrial applications, including robotic high-speed pick-and-place systems, automated materials...

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